Who Should Be Manchester United Captain?

This is a big question which has no clear answer but is a catalyst of many debates….

6 December 2019

This is a big question which has no clear answer but is a catalyst of many debates amongst United fans. There are many candidates, and many players who, rightly or wrongly, have worn the armband in recent years.

Below are the players I see as the main ‘candidates’ to be the next captain of Manchester United football club.

Ashley Young:

I know not many have been a big fan of Young’s performances in recent years, but it is only right to talk about our current club captain.

In my opinion, whilst his performances haven’t been great, he does give his all every time he puts on the shirt, in a position which we didn’t sign him to play in. He is also one of the few players who knows what it like to win the Premier League title, which you could say is as much valuable as it is irrelevant when looking at today’s situation.

Most of us were surprised when he was named club captain in the Summer though, and if we are honest, whilst he may be a role model for this young side off the pitch, he shouldn’t be the man leading the club out at Old Trafford every other weekend.

Paul Pogba:

Pogba has been captain before and it didn’t go to plan, albeit under a manager who scapegoated him at every opportunity.

He is our best outfield player, and one of a few so-called world-class players in our squad, so if you are looking for a leader on the pitch, he is one. Despite what a lot of people say, he has produced at the club, which is scary because we still haven’t seen a consistent Paul Pogba since his return.

The main question you could ask when bring Pogba into this debate is whether he is a role model in the way he acts off the pitch, and that answer is probably ‘no’, and is the Frenchmen’s future guaranteed to be at United, again the answer is ‘no’. Therefore should he be named captained, again, probably not.

David De Gea:

De Gea has captained the side a few times this season, with every United fan loving to see the armband on, in my eyes, the most loved individual at the football club.

The only thing I would fear if we made Dave captain is that it would distract him from what he is ever so good at, and that it would bring out more out of character mistakes that he started to do last season.

However, I do feel the Spaniard is one of the leading characters who may take up the role, and with the contract signed in the summer, the general feeling would be that he is staying for the foreseeable future, meaning he is committed to the club.

Harry Maguire:

Even though he has only played for us for half a season, Maguire has already captained the side multiple times which shows how highly Ole rates the centre back.

He is a natural leader on the pitch and has improved our defence immensely since coming into the side through his dominance.

For me, Maguire is the first choice as he is an old-fashioned leader and one who has done it so far without it interfering with his performances, which can’t be said about the others mentioned.

Those the obvious choices, with my personally opinion being that it should be Maguire, but if not De Gea, with both being crucial players for the glory days to come back.

Others that could have been mentioned include Scott McTominay for the sheer leadership and passion he has shown in the last two seasons, and Marcus Rashford for being a leading player at his boyhood club, but neither have captained the side before. Axel Tuanzebe is another shout, but again, I do feel he is one for the future rather than the here and now.  

It is a debate which will happen at every football club, but Manchester United have been crying out for a top-quality leader for a while now, and through this piece you have learnt that there are more than a few who can fill the role.

What do you think?


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