West Ham 2 United 0 – Three United Players Who Didn’t Embarrass Themselves

Nemanja Matic Matic in my opinion played very well acting as the defensive anchor of the team. The….

23 September 2019

Nemanja Matic 
Matic in my opinion played very well acting as the defensive anchor of the team. The fact that he gets blamed for everything is a testament to the lack of creativity in the midfield bar pogba. There was a feeling during the majority of last season and the pre season that Matic has lost his legs – which was obvious from his performances. It seems now that he has overcome whatever problems that he had,and  has started regaining his form. Today he made several good interceptions,and recoveries – acting as the defensive screen. But he is not the guy to burst forward or play defense splitting passes , which seems to create an idea that he is adding nothing to the team. We should have started Fred alongside Matic , as mctominay and Matic are of similar ilk .

Aaron Wan Bissaka
He did everything he was supposed to do. He blocked the right hand side off. Not even a cross came off that side from westham. There were several impressive last ditch tackles from the spider , of which the most crucial one was when he ended up in the LB position somehow .Offensively he could do more  but safe to say ,AWB is here to stay.

Dan James
He didn’t even play that well ,but I couldn’t think of anyone else to put in on the third place. 
The lack of cohesion in the offensive phase from United was shocking.  So the fact that James got a mention here is not for his offensive work rate,rather the defensive part of it. He worked his socks off as we know he would ,hurrying and harrying the opposition . 

What do you think?


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