Three Players Who Let Themselves Down Against Newcastle United

Manchester United’s woeful away form, or just form for that matter, continued with a 1-0 defeat against….

7 October 2019

Manchester United’s woeful away form, or just form for that matter, continued with a 1-0 defeat against Newcastle United. 

Here’s three players who put in very poor performances: 

Marcus Rashford 

I’m not keen on the amount of stick that Marcus Rashford gets. His form has been poor for some time, but he has played an obscene amount of football for a 21-year-old, and he’s clearly been injured for quite some time. He consistently runs the channels and tries to turn defenders. He does a lot more running than he should have to.  

That seemed to be missing against Newcastle however. That same youthful hunger wasn’t there. He wasn’t getting across to the front post when crosses came in, and he didn’t even look very pissed off when he’d make a good run and Fred would ignore it. It was quite a worrying performance because we need him to keep that hunger no matter how have tough things get. He should be telling his midfielders where he wants the ball and how he wants it delivered. 


Fred’s been given a free run at nailing down a place in the United midfield with Herrera and Fellaini gone, Pogba injured and Matic out of favour. He has shown glimpses at being the busy, ball winning midfielder we need, but he’ll be immediately replaced when Pogba’s back. He just loses the ball far too frequently, and he doesn’t seem to add anything to the attack. He repeatedly looks at a side-ways pass, does a Cruyff turn, and then plays a different side-ways pass or loses the ball.  

Fred has become the latest poster boy for United’s scatter gun approach to recruitment. He looked good for Shakhtar Donetsk, and Manchester City supposedly wanted him. That was enough for United to fork out £50 million on him.  

Juan Mata 

This team simply can’t progress if Juan Mata keeps getting picked as a number 10. He is unable to stretch teams, meaning Rashford has to do it as well as all the running he should be doing anyway. Knocking in a free kick every now and then and being a really lovely bloke just doesn’t cut it anymore. He gets swamped by athletic midfielder’s like Sean Longstaff, and he can’t seem to hit a shot from the edge of box with any real power. He seems to have lost his inventive touch which is a real shame. Angel Gomes has to be starting games now, because the team looks stale. 

This team badly needs the injured players back. Six of the starting 11 against Chelsea were injured today. We knew the squad was thin, but it’s currently being stretched further than anticipated. 

What do you think?


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