Manchester United vs Brighton – 3 That Need To Improve:

As the Devils saw off Brighton with a comfortable 3-1 victory, Ole’s men look to have regained….

12 November 2019

As the Devils saw off Brighton with a comfortable 3-1 victory, Ole’s men look to have regained a killer instinct that has been missing from United’s play for many years. Having said that , the performance wasn’t quite “perfect” from all the players, with a few somewhat disappointing performers being shielded by the overall margin by which United won.

Andreas Pereira:
Having scored the opening goal of the game for United, some may consider it harsh to single out Pereira as one of the individuals that need to improve. For weeks now I have lauded his movement off the ball and his high press on the opposition, sadly however this can only mask his short comings on the ball for so long.
Often dispossessed or wayward with his passing when he has the ball, much of Pereira’s game on the ball leaves a lot to be desired. There is no doubt about his skill and flair with the ball, it’s his inability to execute the basics of the game that can leave one frustrated. Now 23 years old, it is crunch time for the young Brazilian to show his manager and perhaps more importantly convince those on the board that his future lies at Manchester United.

Marcus Rashford:
Yet another goal scorer on the evening that I would say needs to improve going forward. At the tender age of 22 , it is understandable that many may think young Rashford has too much pressure on his shoulders with the duty of leading United’s attack and the hope of him captaining the side in the near future weighing down on him. Hopefully though, the Wythenshawe born striker will harness this pressure and look to become the diamond everyone know’s he is destined to become.

Ole Gunnar Solskjær:
I know, I know, not a player, but we can not continuously look for fault in the players without scrutinising the manager. Even though performances have been better in recent weeks compared to earlier this season and a style of play is gradually becoming evident, I believe there are worrying holes in Ole’s managerial abilities. Chief among those is his in game management, very seldom this season have we seen Ole on the touchline giving instructions to the team based on how the game was going. The other issue would be his use of substitutions, more often than not it would seem like subs are made too late in the game at a stage where the result is already determined.

The concession to this however is that Ole is a young manager and is still learning his trade, he will undoubtedly rectify this going forward and improve his overall managerial game.

What do you think?


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