Chong – Why Are So Many People Writing Him Off Already?

The current doom and gloom surrounding Manchester United is palpable, the performances on the pitch have been….

24 September 2019

The current doom and gloom surrounding Manchester United is palpable, the performances on the pitch have been far from anything but acceptable by the standards of the club. The only silver lining on this dark cloud over our club is the fact that we have been playing our promising yet grossly inexperienced youth.

Among the young bunch that have come through is Dutchman – Tahith Chong. His performances thus far have usually been cameo roles as a substitute and it’s evident that with the limited time he has on the field he always poses a threat from the flanks. His role in the team has not borne fruit yet as he’s usually been in a depleted squad or been playing with a misfiring attack force. His first start against Astana was probably one he’d wish had been better, the latter had a solid defensive display on show and that led to Chong cutting a lonely figure. This inexperience and inconsistency is expected at 19 but should be improved upon.

These testing times at the club have proven to make it difficult for anyone to succeed and comparing the lads coming through to the Class of 92 will only lead to more misery. David De Gea during his first season at the club under Sir Alex was the talk of the town with pundits going in at him, with time and patience it’s only gone to show that David is probably the greatest player between the sticks at the club. The current predicament of the club makes it all the more easy for us to blame it all on the boys but in the process we could probably being doing more harm to our long term foundation.

His pace and agility have been evident in all the games that he has featured in thus far. His stats for the U-23 from last season-  10 goals and 2 assists from 19 appearances goes to show the attacking prowess once harnessed will be lethal. He is already the recipient of the two best awards (Denzil Haroun POTY and Jimmy Murphy POTY) at the club and his promotion into the first team from the U-23 comes as no surprise.

To end the post on a lighter note, the only thing one can write off about Chong is his hairstylist but overall the boy will do wonders at the club!

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